Wool Mountain Pakistan

Bringing research to the mountain of post consumer sweater waste

WASA is in partnership with Recycle Wool, a recycling company of post consumer sweater (and other garment) waste based in Karachi, Pakistan. Recycle Wool imports 5000 tons of post consumer sweaters a year. With its co-founder, Hasnain Lilani, Social Entrepreneur Gwendolyn Floyd, and myself, Cynthia Hathaway, co-founder of WASA, we are re-thinking the garment wool waste chain. The foundations are set for the first wool research lab Wool Mountain Pakistan Research Lab or WMP-RL, located in Karachi, Pakistan.

WMP-RL investigates wool waste streams which start from the back of a sheep to mountains of post consumer wool garment waste, and research applications for both raw and processed wool for agriculture, and building applications. Whilst doing so, we prioritize economic, cultural and social resilience through wool in Pakistan, and along the global wool procurement chain.

Setting up the first of its kind wool research lab at the base of ‘sweater mountain’, we aim to bring together local and international researchers from art, design, social and science to re-imagine a valued wool chain, and a variety of applications that celebrate the ‘golden fleece’ as a resource and regenerative system of choice.

Photo: Hasnain Lilani. Delivery of post consumer sweater and garment waste, Recycle Wool, Pakistan

Please click on the image below linking you to a informative PDF regarding Wool Mountain Pakistan. Feel free to get in touch via woolmountainpakistan@gmail.com for questions, comments and possible collaboration.

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